Probably the best soft hurdy-gurdy case in the world.

After 4 years of trying with 3 different suppliers. I have finally succeeded in achieving what I consider to be the ultimate lightweight case for hurdy-gurdy. It is designed for the full size lute bodied instrument but by its' flexible nature, it also holds my compact range snugly. Most flat backed hurdy gurdies will also be comfortably protected.  Should the case not fit your instrument, simply return it for a full refund of the 166  purchase price. .

The base of the case is built from a heavy duty foam which takes on the double curvature of the lute body. The exterior is a silver grey waterproof fabric and the internal padding comprises 10mm high density foam covered with a black soft synthetic material.

Far more than a gig bag, this case has the benefit of internal zipped compartments on the sides and top which incorporate semi rigid plastic sheets. The effect of these panels is to strengthen  the form of the bag making it feel rather more like a hard case although the case weighs under 2.4 kg.

 While I could not recommend using it as a flight case, it is ideal for day to day protection of the instrument .

 Bottle sized external pockets complete the usefulness of the bag, zip away  shoulder straps complete the comfort of carrying it.

The "PROBAG" soft case

An alternative  gig bag available which still provides a degree of protection but is even lighter and less expensive is this bag produced by "Probag" in Germany. It's dimensions are 800mm long x 300mm wide x 200mm deep. These are approximate sizes due to the flexible nature of the bag. It will fit most of the smaller bodied lutebacks and obviously will fit any normal size of guitar body hurdy-gurdy or symphonie.

To assess the fit for a luteback, the maximum size must be less than 900mm measured round the body and wheel cover.

The bag is made from waterproof vinyl with 10mm foam padding throughout and a double closure zip fastening.

 It has a large zipped accessory pocket, double carrying handles and two shoulder straps. It weighs in at only 950gm.

This case is priced at 75.00

UK P&P 10.00

You can see the bag in operation  <<<Here>>>

The "Wren's" Nest

Having built the super compact Wren, a case needed to be found that would give reasonable protection and not take up too much space.

A trawl through the internet resulted in this case which is designed for conga drum but could have been made especially for the wren.

A really useful feature is that the Wren can be put in the case via the zipped panel on the end which means a minimum of floor space is needed to get it out. The fact that the Wren is standing on it's head is not a problem due to the internal padding and the inherent strength of the Wren in that area.

Price 75 + 10 P&P


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