Neil Brook Hurdy Gurdy

Prices 2013.

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Symphonie >><< 972.00  

Wren     >><<     1210  + ( padded case  82)

Baldrick model  >><<    1480    ( padded case  82)

St.Thomas Altar Model >><< 1720.00  

 Artist model >><<     1881.00   +  ( Semi-rigid case 166)

17th Century Model >><< 2426.00      ( Semi-rigid case 166 )

Guitar bodied Hurdy Gurdy >><< 2594.00 +  ( Semi-rigid case 166 )

Lute Bodied Hurdy Gurdy >><< 2970.00  +   Semi-rigid case 166 )

Baroni Model     >><<  2596 - 3267            ( Case not available )

The above prices are for the most basic model. Optional features are listed below :

A semi rigid case which will fit the full size luteback. The electro-acoustic model fits nicely and also , by its' elastic nature, the compact range. It is available at 166.00 Further details <<< Here >>>

Remote string selection,  drone selectors 44.00 each.    Organ stop selectors for chanters 66 each For a demonstration of these, visit <<<Here>>>

Black/white "barber pole" purfling  110

Additional chanterelle  264

Extra drone from 115

Extra trompette   150 ( This will normally replace one drone .

Sympathetic strings   11 each

Capo system using harp levers    82 each

The Guitar and Lute Hurdy Gurdies will normally be fitted with <<< " Pegheds">>> tuners. These can also be fitted to other models at 19.50 per peg.

Banjo planetary tuners are available as an alternative at the same price.

<<<"Pegheds" >>> tuners are available  in varying lengths for DIY fitting  . Price 17.00 each plus 2.00 UK p&p per order.

The Ken Wittman built in tuner can be fitted to any new build hurdy-gurdy. It is best  direct wired  to the instrument transducer. The price is 120 inclusive of the transducer.

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The price range of the Guitar and Lute bodied Hurdy Gurdies reflects the level of extra features and ornamentation required.

Pickup systems are available ranging from a single internal passive transducer at 90.00,

Twin passive transducers 130 . 

Single transducer with  active two band eq + volume unit  at 165, 

 The lute bodied models are fitted with stereo, passive transducers as standard which is included in the price. 

Maintenance dvd.  Price 20 + 1.50 UK p&p.

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